Chris A. Maddox

Board Member | President and Founder | Shelter Crew Team Lead

Chris A. Maddox

Chris has been actively involved in animal rescue and welfare for over five year serving on the Board of Directors for a large Minnesota-based rescue, establishing a very successful bully breed program and playing an active role on the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control Advisory Board since 2015. But, his passion and love for animals started well over 20 years ago when he found two abandoned and abused pit bulls—Hershey and Reese, that he took into his home and started him on his rescue journey.

By attending workshops and seminars, like “How to Start an Animal Sanctuary” offered by Best Friends Animal Society, and other events through the Humane Society of the United States and ASPCA, Chris’ interest and desire to actively be a catalyst for change in the lives of companion animals in need ignited. Chris has actively supported and helped multiple rescues and shelters here in Minnesota over the years by fostering, transporting and temperament testing literally hundreds upon hundreds of dogs (and that’s now transitioned into the same love and caring of cats in need)

Chris’ professional background has been in the field or marketing and communications, where he’s had a very successful career within financial services, including leading a large, multi-geographic located, marketing communications team for a large Fortune 500 company as well as serving as a Chief Marketing Officer.  But his passion for animal rescue continued to outweigh his need for corporate success and four years ago Chris walked away from his successful corporate career to focus exclusively on animal rescue.  After much thought and encouragement from other, he launched The Rescue Crew in September of 2017.

Chris has fostered a countless number of dogs (primarily pit bull-type dogs) and cats and currently has six resident pets of his own including Daisy, his first foster failure pit bull saved from pending euthanasia from a local shelter, Tigger and Diesel adopted from the Humane Society, Melody (affectionately known today as Boobs, who was rescued from a tribal land in a neighboring state in poor condition after being overbred and neglected), and his most recent foster failure Mastiff/Pit Bull mix name Moose who is a tripod. Oh, and not to forget Tobi his cat—originally named Tobias because he mistakenly thought he was a boy until giving birth to a litter of kittens shortly after taking her in.

As rescue is a never ending job and ongoing passion, Chris doesn’t do much else beyond spending much needed down time with his furry family and on occasion, seeking a break from reality to enjoy science fiction and fantasy novels and movies. But, his ongoing goal in life is to Help Save a Life Today of companion animals in need.